For a long time now, every terrorist activity and murders committed world wide, especially in Europe and the United States, Muslims have been blamed for them. 
I wish to set the record straight: There are approximately 1.5 billion Muslims living around the world.  They are white, black, brown skinned. They have blond hair, black hair, brown hair, red hair and more.  They have blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes and much more.
They speak various different languages and follow different cultures and customs.  They have all of these differences, but they all have one thing in common….their Religion.  They are True Muslims. Law abiding, family loving, hard working members of their societies. They laugh, cry, feel sad, bleed like their Western brothers and sisters.
Unfortunately, after the downfall of Iraq and Libya, a new, a very vicious, unholy group of killers, led by a former Al Qaeda member, by the pseudo name of Al Baghdadi, appeared on the scene.  This new group, garbed in black, with faces covered, in order to gain reputation and instill fear in the hearts of the innocent, hijacked the pure Religion of Islam by creating a false “Islamic caliphate.
Calling themselves ISIS/ISIL/DAESH and other stupid names, they began to murder, behead, burn, rape, and commit other sub human crimes.  While committing these crimes, they yelled Allah Akbar, meaning Allah is Great. In so doing, they were making Allah All Mighty a partner in their crimes. This unholy act alone showed their abuse of a Religion of Peace which believes in the sanctity of human life so much so that to kill one person is like killing a thousand.
They were not prejudiced. They hated all human beings equally. Whether they were Shia, Sunni, Christian, Yezidi or people of other religions who did not adhere to their way of life.
These Devil worshippers adhere to a movement that was established in Saudi Arabia, by a man called Abdul Wahab, in 1763. He called his movement ( it is sinful to call it a religion) WAHABI, that was based on two philosophies…JIHAD and MURDER.  He was supported by an Arab by the name of ibn Saud, who allegedly was supported by the British, the creators of Saudi Arabia. In order to maintain the security of his newly founded Kingdom, Ibn Saud looked to Abdul Wahab for protection, in exchange for arms, which allegedly was furnished by the British.
Abdul Wahab used these arms against all those who would not convert to Wahabism. 
When oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia and the West got involved, these desert RATS went into hiding, but the Wahabi philosophy was being promoted by the Saudis, in different parts of the world.  Afghanistan and Pakistan are, but a few of the Nations where the Wahabi philosophy is trying to sow its seeds in.
They have murdered tens of thousands of innocent human beings of all religions, all over the world.  Mostly Muslims. They are holding the civilized world hostage.
Their bloody history in the recent years is far beyond human imagination. Their thirst for blood and their continued murderous activities have filled newspapers all over the world.
Their recent massacre of over 140 young Afghans and injuring of over 400 others, is one vivid example of the atrocity that they are capable of.
Wahabism is not Islam. It cannot be referred to as a religion. Its followers cannot be called Muslims. They are the furthest thing from Islam.
Question comes to mind, who are they really?
The true fact is that contrary to popular belief in the West, these black garbed devils and their movement is similar to Reverend Jone’s Cultists movement in Guyana, or David Koresh’s cultist movement in Texas or other similar Cults all over the world.
Therefore, it can be referred to as a WAHABI CULTIST MOVEMENT.
When they initiated their murderous activities in the Middle East, the West mistakenly referred to them as ISIS and this wrongful recognition, gave these animals the platform they wanted, in order to gain international fame. This name has had several other names added to it, depending in which country.  ISIL/DAESH/ BOKO HARAM/AL NUSRA are but to name a few.
Where we Muslims failed miserably, was our utter silence against such abuse of our religion. Against innocent human beings. Muslims and non Muslims alike.  We cannot blame the West for developing Islamophobia. We have done nothing to alleviate their fears of Muslims. In fact our silence, rightly or wrongly, has fueled this fear and played right into the hands of these Wahabi Cultists.
Our Mosques have been silent.  Our communities have been silent. We have been silent.
It is time that all Allah fearing Muslims of the world, to unite as one and declare a FETWA against this group of Devil worshippers. It is time that we,  Sunnis and Shias, together with our Christian brothers and sister, initiate a world wide HOUSE cleaning, to make sure that everyone of these cultists are wiped off the face of the world.
If we do not raise our united voices against the horrors that these maniacs have incurred upon us, the way they have hijacked our religion, raped our women, sold our children, burnt our brothers and sisters alive,  then we cannot blame the world for considering us True Muslims as part and parcel of this horrendous WAHABI CULT.
To my Western friends, I say, “from now on please refer to these killers as Wahabi Cultists”.  NO MORE ISIS/ISIL. I beseech the Western Media to refrain from offering them a platform. Please separate them from the 1.5 billion True Islamic World. Separate them from your Muslim neighbors, who are law abiding and productive citizens of the countries that they now call home.
We, all Allah/God fearing people must stop the blame game.  The true enemy, the Wahabi Cult is our common enemy.  We must unite against this creation of the Devil (Shaitan).


As one who has been involved in the affairs of our beloved Homeland for over 35 years I have been a witness to the almost destruction of our culture, history and independence.

I have painfully seen the Martyrdom of tens of thousands of our fellow countrymen and women, at the hands of the Afghan Communists and the invading Red Army of the Soviet Union.

Our once proud and united nation, is now tearing at the seams. Our educated young are fleeing in great numbers to countries far beyond our borders. The decade long enemies of our nation, the Taliban, supported by neighboring countries, are taking control of major areas of different Provinces.

In short, brothers and sisters,  this Great Land, which we call home and one which is our  inheritance from our Forefathers, who fought for its Independence and one which was bestowed upon us as a Gift by Allah All Might (SWT), is in grave danger.

My fellow Afghans, we must accept the facts that all AFGHANS, regardless of ethnicity, religion, color or creed are ONE. We must encourage and promote all AFGHANS to support the future of Afghanistan and the prosperity of our people. Before self, before party, before tribe, our common bond empowers us all to forge a peaceful, unified Islamic Nation with a shared objective, within which we all are free to appreciate and celebrate the rich cultural diversity of our past.

Allah (SWT) has blessed our country with the resources needed for dramatic growth into a modern and progressive nation.

  • Our fertile grounds have long been a source of the food that fed our people. Our rich agricultural history, vividly exemplifies our ability to grow and prosper.
  • Our natural resources, can be developed for the good our entire nation and can be the foundation of a modern nation.
  • Our cultural tradition scholarship, music and art can inspire our people to create new possibilities.
  • Our modern communications  gives us the ability to work together, drawing on the wisdom of the ages, to build a new awareness and speak in one voice.

Our most important asset is our dedicated, hard-working people. may they be young and old, rich and poor, women and men, Northerners or Southerners. Together we can mould our Tribal and Ethnic traditions into an invigorated national force, propelling Afghanistan forward into the 21st. Century. We can draw on the scholarships of Kandahar, the Music of Heart, the Wisdom of Balkh and the historical bravery of our people, to build our new Afghan Nation

The flowering of Afghanistan will be a light for the Muslim World. A beacon for all of humanity to see how a dedicated people can transform their lives and their country.

My fellow Afghans, we owe it to our children and their descendants, to make Afghanistan blossom, to lead Afghanistan to a new life, to light the flame of Afghan renewal.

I, therefore, beseach all of my brothers and sisters to see the bright future before us and unite to prosper.

May Allah All Mighty (SWT) be with you all.




Oh my Brothers and Sisters and fellow law abiding Muslims of the world WAKE UP!!!!!
How many more of our brothers and sisters must be martyred before we UNITE to put a stop to the carnage and the blood bath that is being thrust upon us by these sub human animals who insult and disgrace ISLAM on a daily basis. How can we Muslims, in good conscience welcome this Eidul Fitr, when hundreds of our fellow Muslims have been martyred world wide. How can we celebrate joy, when our hearts are heavy with sadness and we live in fear.
Do you not find it strange that these terrorists  kill only Sunnis, Shias, Christians and other religious followers, except Wahabis?
Does it not bother you that these followers of the Wahabi religion, established by Abdul Wahab and Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia, in 1763, have not killed one Saudi or Salafi Wahabi?
Oh sure, there were three suicide bombs going off in Saudi Arabia today.  But where were they used? Near a Shia Mosque, the US Consulate and some remote security guard house. No Wahabi casualties.
Does it not bother you that you, the hundreds of millions of God fearing, law abiding Muslims, all over the world, are looked upon with distrust and fear by most non-Muslims, because the ISIS/ISIL/DAESH have put a stamp of terrorists, upon you?
Do the lives of those 44, human beings in Istanbul, 22 in Dakha and 220 in Baghdad, murdered within three days of each other, mean nothing to you? More than 90% were Muslims. Even if not, they were innocent human beings.
So what are going to do? Just shake your heads and thank Allah that it was not you or a loved one? That it happened far away from you, so it is not your concern? If that is your feeling, then SHAME upon you. Then you must not complain when you are spat upon, your House of Religion are defaced, you and your children are shunned or insulted by those who suffer from Islamophobia. It is because of our inaction that such fear and suspicion have been created among the communities, that not long ago, welcomed us.
Since these followers of the Salafi Wahabi religion under the name of Islam, have appeared on the Scene in the Middle East, the world has not seen such carnage of  beheadings, burning alive, raping, child molestation, slave trading of women, destruction of historical sites, destruction of Holy places, and murdering of all those who are not Wahabis or are unwilling to convert to Wahabism.
My Islamic brothers and sister, we are ” LAHE LAH, EL LALLAH, MOHAMMAD RASOOL ELLAH” , all Muslims.  It is therefore our duty to protect and preserve our religion, which is based on PEACE. We must not stand aside and let our non-Muslim brothers and sisters to sacrifice their lives in order to protect ours. WE MUST TAKE THE FRONT LINE AGAINST THESE OFFSPRINGS OF THE DEVIL, to wipe them off the face of the Earth.  We cannot stand aside and watch thousand of innocent human beings be slaughtered like sheep.
We must hold those supporting these blood thirsty devils, RESPONSIBLE and demand that the United Nations and all the Governments of the Civilized nations stand as one, against them.
My dear American and European friends, you know exactly who the financial godfathers of the  ISIS/ISIL/DAESH/AL NUSRA/BOKO HARAM/AL QAEDA/TALIBAN/LASHKAR E TAYEBA and other multitude of world-wide Terrorists are. Do not forsake us and your citizens because of financial powers of these GODFATHERS. They will not stop unless and until they are stopped. Join hands with us.  Let us unite to save those under threat, in order to once again bring peace and harmony for all of nations and peoples of the world, regardless of COLOR, CREED OR RELIGION.


Two very important dates in the history of the United States of America and the Kingdom of Afghanistan.
On these historical dates General George Washington  in 1776 got the independence of the USA from the British and in 1919, His Majesty, King Amanullah Khan got Afghanistan’s Independence from the same nation of Britain.  We are the only two nations who defeated the British and gained our independence. Albeit, 143 years apart.
This coming Monday, July 4 2016, the USA will once again celebrate its Independence Day with joy, festivities and fireworks.  Families will gather and celebrate this joyful date with picnics and parades. Children will wave flags. Towns, cities and States will welcome the 4th of July with pride.
On behalf of the National Coalition for Dialogue with the Tribes of Afghanistan, I extend my sincerest congratulations to our American brothers and sisters. We honor the souls of those brave men and women of the US Armed services for having sacrificed their lives in order to keep their nation free and independent.
However this coming August 19, 2016, we Afghans also will gather, but for what?  An Independence that our forefathers gave up their lives to preserve and one which is slipping through our hands? An Independence Monument that is hidden from the public view by 8 meter high walls? A nation in distress? A once independent and proud nation now beleaguered by the likes of terrorists like the Taliban, ISIS/ISIL and others?  We do not have much left to celebrate. Our martyred forefathers are turning in their graves for what has happened to the land that they left to us as a proud inheritance.
While the USA is celebrating the joy of their Independence, we Afghans are shedding tears for the loss off our independence and the massacre of tens of thousands of our innocent brothers and sisters who have been murdered over these 4 decades.
We are wondering whether we will ever be able to once again regain what our ancestors left us as our inheritance. Our Independence.
Perhaps one day in the not too distant a future, we too, will once again gather around our families and friends and celebrate our Independence, as our forefathers did, after defeating the British at the 3rd. Anglo/Afghan war of 1919. But now is not the time to talk about what could be for us.
It is the time for what is, for the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  It is their Independence Day and we say HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO ALL OF OUR  AMERICAN FRIENDS.


While the West is suffering from Islamophobia, the bloody non-Islamic dogs, descendant of pigs are murdering Muslims by the scores.  Now it is Istanbul.
Is there any place left on this planet that one can call “SAFE”?
Why does the West not go after the very people who are funding these murderers?  Why don’t they stop playing the BLAME GAME of Islamophobia and go after the HIVE that nurtures these killers. For every western life that is taken by these Wahabis, (ISIS/ISIL), dozens of our Muslim brothers and sisters are murdered by them on a daily basis.  These animals know no God/Allah.  Do not follow any religion. Have no fate. Are descendants of Shaitan (The Devil).
The world has been paralyzed by these creatures. We have defeated far more inhuman animals throughout our history. Why are we allowing this carnage to continue.  We all know who is behind these devils.  We all know who is arming them. We all know who is financing them.
Without mentioning names, let the so called civilized world do a survey of those killed and targeted and compare it with the citizens of those nations that have not lost a single soul at the hands of ISIS/ISIL/DAESH/Al NUSRA/ BOKO HARAM/.
Once the civilized world concludes who the Godfather is, then they should freeze the funds of those nations and starve the terrorists financially and then go after them physically and wipe them out.
If the civilized world is serious, then let them take a stand against these criminals. DO NOT blame all Muslims for the bloody actions of a group of black dressed, godless SALAFI WAHABIS. These are the real killers and a danger to us all.
United we must stand to save humanity. There is no other solution. These killers are like locusts. They keep jumping from one place to the next. So long as they receive funds to hire new recruits, they will continue the carnage. Cut off their funds and cut off their supplies and suppliers of their weaponry.
Stop blaming the 1.6 billion Muslims of the world. Go after the real KILLERS or they will continue coming after you/us/everyone.


As an Afghan American and as the President of the National Coalition for Dialogue with The Tribes on Afghanistan, it is with deep pain and sorrow that I must regrettably come to terms with the fact that the Evil of ISIS/ISIL, like the poison of a snake, had entered the blood of one crazy Afghan/American , called  Omar Mateen, the son of an equally crazy individual who has proclaimed himself as the president of Afghanistan.

Our hearts bleed with the sorrow that this follower of the  Wahabi Sect of Saudi Arabia, has inflected death upon so many innocent people, whose only fault was to be in the right place to share a good time with friends and compatriots. The last thing on their minds were that a lunatic, influenced by the blood thirsty ISIS would end their lives so violently.

Whereas on Face Book and You Tube,  the father who had sired the murderer Omar, had at times referred to himself as being a Pakistani, at other  times have  claimed to be a Pushtoon,  Afghan, does not have any knowledge of the Pushto Language, yet he claims to be their self proclaimed president.   His incoherent and inaudible speeches have made him a laughing stock of the hard working and dedicated Afghans,  those who have embraced the USA as their new home and have become productive members of the Afghan /American Society. Contributing positively to the regions where they reside and live in peace and honor with their American neighbors.

The last thing that any one us Afghans who have embraced this great country as our new home, expected one of us, although born in the USA, but still having an Afghan heritage, would commit such a heinous and deplorable act. If in his sick mind, supported by an equally sick father, he thought this blatant act was going to terrorize society, he was wrong. If anything, it has united all, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and other honorable members of religions to unite and stand as one against any such future murderous acts. This was not an action that any follower of any respectable, historical religions would commit in the name of anyone’s God, Yaweh or Allah.

This murderer of the innocent, even dead, will have to answer for his criminal action through the members of his family and those who were close to him.  For I do not believe that his lust for blood just happened.  He had thought  it through and as such, those close to him, his dysfunctional father, mother, relatives, those attending the mosque must have sensed some sinister attitude or behavior on his part that should have wrung alarm bells. If so and they did not report him to the proper authorities  the they too must feel responsible for what took place in Orlando. Knowing and being silent is just as guilty as the those who commit the act.

When community fails to intercept, to seek council and guidance from professionals- Society and humanity declines into senseless destruction, as it unfortunately, became a reality in the murder of 50 innocent people and the injury to 53 others.

Our tears will not bring back those who have lost their lives so senselessly.  But if it helps, as a proud Afghan, I can assure our American brothers and sisters, that we, whom you have welcomed to your country with open arms and hearts, stand by you in your time of grief. We share your tears and loss. We consider ourselves as the only true friends of the Americans, in the part of the world which has espoused the degenerate ISIS/IDSIL/DAESH, followers of the Wahabi religion which only believe in Jihad and murder of all those who will not adhere to their sick beliefs.

In the end, please be assured that this murderer Omar Mateen, doe not represent the real Afghans and Afghanistan. We would like nothing better, than to see that the authorities in the USA would deport the entire family to Pakistan, where the father claims to come from and the let the Pakistani Authorities deal with them as they please. Or send them to Saudi Arabia to live and rot among their “heroes” the ISIS/ISIL/DAESH

The US Authorities must show those seeking asylum in the USA that to be a Citizen of this great nation, is a privilege not a RIGHT. And if they abuse that right, then they have no place in this nation and must be deported.

May the souls of our brothers and sisters who died in Orlando, rest in Peace and may they be received in the Kingdom of God. And ay those who are injured, be cured and returned to their loved ones.




Afghanistan Is About to Cut A Bad Deal with a Bad Guy: (International media)

The media refers to Gulbudin Hekmatyar as a Bay Guy. In the eyes of the civilized world, he is a mass murderer, who after killing thousands, went into hiding in Pakistan, where he was supported by the Pakistan Military viz the ISI, since Taliban’s appearance on the Afghanistan scene.

While in Pakistan, he continued his murderous activities on the Afghan citizens, through his dogs, (one wing of the Taliban).  He was declared a terrorist by the USA government and a reward of 5 million dollars was placed on his head.

Now, in order to show the world that peace can be achieved with the Taliban. the NUG, mainly  at the behest of its Providers, is bringing this killer of tens of thousands of innocent Afghans and multitude of NATO forces, specially the French who operated in Tagao and Suroobi, back to the nations that he devastated during the ethnic war and beyond.

As an Afghan/American, who has devoted the past 30+ plus years working for a better Afghanistan, I would like to ask our “Western Friends” one question… what crime have the Afghan people committed against their friends, the Americans, and other 47 Nations, in order for them to impose furher misery on a population who have suffered so much for long, by wanting to sign a deal with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar?

Are they unaware of the Crimes against the Afghans that this terrorist has committed?  One of my own friends, a female journalist was kidnapped and molested by these animals.

The West is still hunting for Nazis, got rid of Saddam Hussain and Khaddafy and are pushing to get rid of Bashar, for crimes against humanity, yet they will accept a murderer far worst than any mentioned herein. Are we Afghans not part of the human race? Do we not deserve humanity values and justice?

Is this the reward that is being bestowed upon us for sacrificing almost 3 million of our countrymen/women, fighting the Red Army and freeing the world from the threat of Communism.  Where is justice for Afghanistan and the Afghan people. Is selling Afghanistan just, in order to save legacies?

I call upon our American friends, our French friends, our Canadian friends and others who lost their sons and daughters serving in Afghanistan, at the hands of such murderers as the Gulbuddin Hekmatyar terror groups. to raise your voices with us and shout that you will not accept the killer of yours and our children to walk freely in the country where he committed these heinous crimes. This man should be pulled into the International Court of Justice, and tried for his crimes against humanity.

I call upon President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah, not to degrade and disgrace the souls and memories of those martyred by this gangster. For if you do, then one day, perhaps you too will have to answer to the Afghan people, the question…. “WHY”?

By dealing with Hekmayuar, the NUG is doing exactly what the Pakistani Military have been dreaming for decades. Ten fingers into Afghanistan to control its Foreign Policy making decisions. The re-kindling of the British Policy of yesteryear for Afghanistan.

I call upon all Afghans, inside and outside of the Motherland to raise your voices, contact the authorities and force the NUG to abandon such a criminal act.  The NUG does not have the right to let such murderers back into the country at any cost. This man cannot bring peace to Afghanistan.  He will bring further shame, disgrace and bloodshed to the nation that rejected him decades ago. He was, is and always will be a Pakistani ISI servant.

May Allah hear the cries of the besieged people of Afghanistan. May he bestow wisdom in the minds of those who claim leadership in Afghanistan. May He save Afghanistan from the hands of all those who meant it harm.