It is once again a day to celebrate a very important DAY. The Veteran’s Day. Today is the day to thank all those brave women and men of the U.S. Military for their service and to pray for the souls of those who have sacrificed their precious lives, so we can live in peace and harmony.

In reality, we must make it a point to celebrate Veterans day every day of the year. For, while we enjoy the fruits of their sacrifice and services, a great number of them are either lying injured in Hospitals, are disabled and are unemployed.

As an Afghan, I extend my deepest gratitude to those brave U.S. soldiers who have served to defend our homeland against our enemies, the Evil Forces of Taliban, ISIS, Al Qaeda an other terror groups.

Above all, I extend my heartfelt condolences to the families of those brave soldiers who lost their lives, protecting us.

While we are celebrating the veterans day here in the USA, we must not forget the tens of thousands of our Afghan soldiers who are serving in Afghanistan and pray for those who have lost their lives over this past year, defending the Motherland. Even though, we do not have a Veterans Day in Afghanistan,  still all those who have served their respective nations with honor and dignity, are sisters and brothers in arms.

Finally, as a former military man myself, it is my honor to salute the VETERANS of both nations.

God Bless you all.




MY BOOK (THE LOST KINGDOM, memoirs of an Afghan Prince) IS OUT !

Dear friends and family:

After 3 long years and a great deal of typing, my book is finally out. This is Book No 1.

Book No 2, which is a continuation of my journey from 1978 to 2014 is almost finished and will be ready for publishing shortly.

Those who had pre ordered Book No 1, should be receiving their copies any day now.  Those who wish to purchase the book, can do so through Amazon.

For the young generation of my Afghan friends, the book will take them to the Golden Years of Afghanistan and the aftermath of the Communist take-over. It is a journey that they may have heard about, but have not lived. They will learn about the beauty of their nation, its people and the wonderful life that my generation, was fortunate enough to experience.

This book will also reveal to my worldwide friends the real Afghanistan. An Afghanistan that enjoyed peace and prosperity. An Afghanistan with hospitable people. An Afghanistan where any tourist or visitor could travel from one corner to the next and be safe and welcomed. An Afghanistan full of history. Finally, an Afghanistan that has been suffering the pain and destruction of decades of wars.

This is the Afghanistan that I want to share with you all.

Enjoy the journey. The happy times and the sad.

Ali Seraj








To all the brave soldiers who have sacrificed so much so that the rest of us may live in peace and security, I salute you.

To the families  of those veterans who have lost their loved ones serving a most honorable duty to protect the lives and preserve the freedom of their nation, I pay my deepest condolences, and I salute you.

For me, as a former military man in the service of my nation Afghanistan, I strongly believe that the Veterans should not be remembered on one particular date, but to be honored everyday of the year. While we celebrate November 11 each year to honor them, they, who have served, live the life of a veteran everyday of the year. And those who have suffered insurmountable injuries, carry the pain for the rest of their lives. And those who have sacrificed their lives, are remembered daily by their loved ones.

So let us make it a point to remember each and everyone of the veterans every day. To thank them for their service and to pray for the souls of those who are no longer with us.

As an Afghan, I salute those brave women and men of the U.S. Armed Services who have served and are serving to fight the Evil forces in my Homeland.

On behalf of my people and as the President of the National Coalition for Dialogue with Tribes of Afghanistan, I extend my deepest condolences and gratitude to the families of those who served and sacrificed their lives in the line of duty for the preservation of peace, not only for Afghanistan but the United States as well.

Finally, even though we do not celebrate Veterans Day in Afghanistan still, I salute the brave soldiers of my country, Afghanistan, who have stood and are standing shoulder to shoulder with their American Partners, fighting our common enemies, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS and other terror groups that have infested our Homeland.

May Allah/God preserve and protect our brave fighters and May the Soul of those who have sacrificed so much, Rest In Peace.



September 17, 2001


President George W. Bush

The White House

Washington DC


Dear Mr. President:


On behalf of the Afghan American community, we extend our deepest condolences for the terrible tragedy that was inflicted on our fellow Americans. We, who have lost multitudes of our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, through the aggression of the Soviet Union and most recently, through the atrocities of the Taliban and their murderous co-conspirators in the form of Osama bin Ladin and other vicious terrorists, feel the pain of every American family.   May Allah destroy those whose hands are covered with the blood of the innocent.  Islam does not condone such horrific acts and condemns those who commit them


Over the past twenty-two years the Afghan population has suffered insurmountable destruction of life, liberty, history culture and country.  And over the same time period some of my fellow Afghans and I have been actively involved seeking help from all quarters, for the beleaguered people of our motherland.


Under the Soviet occupation, we lost over 3 million of our citizens.  After the defeat of the Soviet Union on our soil, the World left Afghanistan without so much as a “thank you” for the sacrifice that our people made for the freedom that the world enjoys today without the “Evil Empire.


Since the occupation of Afghanistan by the Taliban and the bin Ladin Hordes, we have lost countless others through genocide, starvation and ethnic cleansing.


The blame goes all around.  The Russians for invading a peaceful nation, for no apparent reason.  The Pakistanis, for creating and supporting the Taliban.  The ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) of the Pakistan Military for the support and protection of the Taliban regime and the Osama Bin Ladin terrorists.  Prince Turki, the Saudi Intelligence Head, a cousin of King Abdullah, for financing the Taliban and Osama bin Ladin.  The Free World, for standing on the sidelines and allowing all these atrocities to take place without protest.


Needless to say that since the occupation of Afghanistan by the Taliban and the murderous hordes of Osama bin Ladin, both Afghanistan and the world has been put in a very perilous position.  The biggest disaster and most heart-breaking being the recent murder of over 5000 innocent people at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.


In Afghanistan, they have paralyzed the populace by locking away the female gender behind closed doors without any opportunity for education, work or medical treatment.  They have isolated the country by cutting the population from all sorts of public information such as radio, television, news paper, computers and so forth.  They have branded the country with their own system of Islam, which is alien to the rest of the Islamic world.


Osama bin Ladin, in my opinion is equal to some form of a misguided cult leader like Jim Jones of Guyana, or the Waco cult group or the Japanese cult that attempted to poison the subway stations in Tokyo.  By creating his own form of a fanatical religion, he is attempting to cut across cultures and countries, in order to recruit his equally misguided followers from different poor countries.


In a short period of time, the Taliban and the bin Ladin hordes, have destroyed Afghanistan’s historical heritage and culture.  They have massacred hundreds of thousands of Afghans under their ethnic cleansing policies.  They have exported their system of terror to other Nations, like Kashmir, Chechneya, Uzbakistan, and now the USA.  Together with bin Ladin’s financial backing, they have built heroin refineries inside Afghanistan, producing about 75% of the world’s heroin.  The list of their atrocities is long and I hope, common knowledge, within the civilized world.


Mr. President, over the last 4 years, my countrymen and I met on various occasions with members of the State Department to warn them about the dangers that the Taliban and their “Guests” presented to the world, but to no avail.  These meetings took place with different members of Congress, Robin Raphael, the former under Secretary of State for South Asia; Karl Inderfurth, the next under Secretary of State among others. We left each meeting with utter frustration and concern.  No one would listen to our warnings.


We sent letters to the media and President Clinton.  Still no response.


Now we are at the doorstep of a new era.  An even more dangerous era, one which would destroy multitudes of innocent lives, unless we take proper steps to stop it.

Osama bin Ladin, is but one head of a multi headed dragon.  To kill the dragon we must cut off all the heads and the limbs as well.


To succeed in this endeavor, we must force the evil out of its hiding place.  This cannot be done with bombs, especially in a mountainous country like Afghanistan.  They have holes to crawl into.  But the poor people, who stand in long UN sponsored bread lines, do not.  If Afghanistan were to be bombed indiscriminately, the innocent will pay a heavy sacrifice for the wrongs of these butchers.


To destroy the wasps, one must destroy the hive.  In Osama bin Ladin’s case, the hive is the Taliban and the ISI of the Pakistani military.  Therefore, in order to get to bin Ladin and his cohorts, we must destroy the Taliban’s hold on Afghanistan and the Afghan people and to warn the Pakistan Government that any assistance to bin Ladin by the ISI or any other Pakistani group would be considered as an act of war against the USA.  We

have been informed that most of the younger officers of the ISI are pro bin Ladin.  I would not be surprised if bin Ladin was not already whisked out of Afgjhanistan to a safe haven in Pakistan.  The boarder between Pakistan and Afgjhanistan is very porous and not easy to control.


If this is the case, then it is even more crucial that the Taliban’s base in Afgjhanistan be neutralized before bin Ladin or other terrorists could return to the source once more.


We strongly believe that if the United States and the Alliance that is being formulated against bin Ladin takes the following steps then we can be assured of success in the venture to rid the world of the likes of this criminal and others like him.


1)      Immediately make contact with the forces of Northern Alliance and ask for their assistance in supplying the ground troops.  Even though Masood has been assassinated, his legacy will continue the fight given the right backing.  The alliance has about 15000 fighters with an additional 15000 available. They have already agreed to support the US plan and they have deep knowledge of the terrain and the culture of the country.  Their many years fighting experience will be very crucial in the battle for Afghanistan and the world.

2)      Make sure that their forces are well supplied with every type of modern arms and ammunition with a readily available supply line to the front lines.

3)      Pakistan must close all boarders to Afghanistan and stop any shipment of fuel and

ammunitions to the Taliban.  Any Pakistani group breaking this embargo must be punished severely.

4)      Pakistan must recall all the Pakistani religious students, civilians and military personnel fighting in Afghanistan alongside the Taliban, to immediately return to Pakistan.  Any Pakistan national arrested in Afghanistan thereafter must be treated as an enemy of the world.

5)      The former King of Afghanistan must be asked to come out of retirement and once and for all call upon his countrymen, across all ethnicity, to stand shoulder to shoulder with the world and help free the nation from the jaws of evil.  He is still well respected and we feel that the citizenry will respond positively to his call.  If he refuses, then he should be bypassed immediately for a younger leader or leaders acceptable to all Afghans and not just one segment of the population. Unless an acceptable multi ethnic Leadership group acceptable to all could be established, or the Loya Jirga (grand council), could be convened to pick a leader, a viable candidate could be the son of King Amanullah (1919-1929), Crown Prince Ehsanullah, who resides in Geneva.  If he does not accept, then another member of the same family could be selected.  The reason for this is that the King and the Amanullah family/King Habibullah family cut across all ethnic groups. The people know and trust them.

The success of this operation, guaranteeing a peaceful Afghanistan will depend on such a policy.  Throughout its rich and ancient history, Afghans have always rallied around a strong leader.  Never around a policy.  This is the reason that the Pakistanis created Mullah Omar, the so-called “supreme leader of the Taliban.  Incidentally there is a very close family tie by marriage between Mullah Omar and bin Ladin.

In addition, bin Ladin has built the mansion for Mullah Omar with his own money.

6)      Once the Northern Alliance ground troops are activated, then the US and its Allies must give total air support to the Alliance for the duration of the battle.  This is where the air strikes are important.  The way must be cleared for the advance of the ground troops, especially if in the beginning no more than the 30,000 troops can be mustered.  Care must be taken for the stinger missiles that still may be in the hands of the Taliban.

7)      Once the Taliban government is toppled, then, the King, or the former President Rabani or any such other person as acceptable to the populace, can be put in charge of a new government.

8)      The US and its Allies must immediately, through the UN, assign a security force made up from countries that have not been involved in the Afghanistan turmoil.  These troops could come from Turkey, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other such countries.

9)      USA must establish a no fly zone over Afghanistan and until such time, the new nation can-re-establish its own military sector must provide it with the necessary ground and air security.

10)  Immediately, steps must be taken to provide Afghanistan with funds for the redevelopment and re-building of it’s infra structure.

11)  Steps must be taken for the repatriation of the millions of refugees residing in Pakistan and Iran.

12)  Immediate steps must be taken to clear all the landmines left behind by the Soviets.

13)  Care must be taken that even if the Taliban hand over bin Ladin, the Taliban government must be neutralized in order to prevent other terrorists waiting in the wings to take over bin Ladin’s place.


This, Mr. President, is but a simple summary of what we believe, can work to rid the region of the likes of bin Ladin with very minimal loss of civilian and American lives.  It will stave off any long-term ill feelings towards the Unites States by the world body and will show that the US is truly a world leader.  Once in control, then the Alliance together with troops from the US and other Nations can make a clean ground sweep of the country for Osama bin Ladin.


With what little the Northern Alliance possesses, they managed to bomb the munitions depot at the Kabul airport the night of September 11, 2001. Just think what they can do if fully equipped and supported.



The bravery and determination and the love for freedom of the people of Afghanistan is legendary.  These brave people can be a very vital part of the world arsenal in a long and protracted fight against world terrorism. They once again can take the frontlines, only this time to save mankind.


Mr. President, please help save the people of Afghanistan. For in doing so, you will save multitudes of innocent lives worldwide from the hands of these sub-human animals like Osama bin Ladin and Company.


Respectfully yours


Ali A. Seraj

Director Afghanistan/America Foundation


Concerned Afghan American


Once upon a time, our forefathers would grab a handful of wheat, tie it to their waists, grab their weapons and go out to defend our great Motherland from the enemy. These brave men, who lost their lives in the defense of their country, were true Martyrs.

This was very evident in the 19th and 20th centuries, where our brave tribal warriors fought and defended our great land from the British three times during the Anglo/Afghan wars of 1838-1842, under the Leadership of Wazir Mohd Akbar Khan,  1878, under the Leadership of Sardar Mohd Ayub Khan, in the battle of Maiwand, where a brave young Afghan girl, named Malalai,  encouraged our brave tribesman, to take the battle to the British, and then the war of Independence under the Leadership of my uncle King Amanullah Khan.  Finally the Russo/Afghan war of 1979-1989, where our brave Freedom Fighters from various tribes, fought and defeated the Red Army and saved the world from Communism and ended the cold war.  At this battle, almost 1.5 million of our brave countrymen and countrywomen were martyred.

Through all these battles, it was our brave tribal warriors who fought and kept our nation safe and independent. There were no foreign troops fighting alongside our warriors. These Martyrs names are inscribed in stone, in various parts of our nation. And on this Day we honor them and their families.

For the past 16 years, our once great nation, has again seen tens of thousands of its citizens and brave soldiers, Martyred on the fields, the mountains and even in their homes.  But this time, majority have been martyred at the hands of a group of murderers who go by such names as Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Lashkar e Tayeba, Chechens, Xinchiang, and many more. They are not true soldiers. These enemies do not fight us on the battlefields of honor, but they come out like rats and attack us in our Mosques, while we pray, at wedding gatherings where we celebrate life, at funerals where we pay homage to the ones that they have martyred.

In Islamic religion anyone killed so, is a Martyr, but we rather be Martyred on the battlefield fighting a brave enemy, than being beheaded, killed or burnt alive at the hands of these anti Islamic, foreign funded murderers.

Regardless, let us pray for all of our Martyrs on this day,  the brave soldiers of the Afghan National Army, the National Police and the multitude of innocent civilians. Let us pray that one day soon, our brave tribal warriors will be given the opportunity to once again come to the aide of their Motherland and to fight alongside their brave brothers in arms. For only then we can celebrate Martyrdom for all of those who have lost their lives in the defense of their country and regained its freedom.

















The NUG philosophy must be that all Afghans, regardless of ethnicity, religion, color or creed, are one. They are all AFGHANS and the NUG must encourage and promote the view that the future of Afghanistan and the prosperity of its people are dependent on that common bond.

We are all, before self, before party, before tribe, Afghan first. Understanding that bond empowers the people of Afghanistan to forge a unified moderate Islamic nation with a shared objective, within which all are free to appreciate and celebrate the rich cultural diversity of our past.

To make a better future Afghan First and Nation First must be the same thing and the NUG must work to ensure, without prejudice for tribe or party, a harmonious balance within Afghan society as the foundation for peace and prosperity in the future.

This has been my philosophy and vision for a united, stable and peaceful Afghanistan.

I am distressed to see the division that the NUG has created among our Tribal system that served to preserve Afghanistan’s independence for centuries.

It is critical that the NUG look to the historical proud past of our Motherland, in order to preserve its future.

Prince Ali Seraj

President National Coalition for Dialogue with Tribes of Afghanistan

Former Afghanistan Presidential Candidate


President Trump’s policy for Afghanistan is being well received by the people of Afghanistan, but with some reservations.

Whereas we Afghans who had been waiting with bathed breath for the USA to take serious action against Pakistan’s criminal involvement in Afghanistan and their support for the Taliban, we were elated to hear President Trump put the Pakistani government and its terror groups on notice.

It was high time that the US made Pakistan understand that the US from now on will follow one policy in Afghanistan and they will remain there for one reason alone and that is to kill every one of the terrorist members, wherever they may hide. In Afghanistan or in Pakistan. Which, in our opinion, means attacking the terrorist hideouts inside Pakistan as well.

Furthermore, we were pleased to hear President Trump make a point that the US was not interested in State building.  That building the State was the responsibility of the Afghan Government and the Afghan People. That the United States was not going to give Afghanistan a blank check to spend U.S. taxpayers’ money. That he was going to stop outside funding to the terror groups.

Finally, we were pleased to hear President Trump call upon India to help bring peace to Afghanistan through economic development and other means.

With these statements, President Trump put the Afghan Government, the Pakistani Government and all the terror groups operating within the two nations, on notice.

While all of these are fine and positive points, and can succeed in bringing the longest USA war to an honorable end, we, however, have the following reservations about the success of this engagement.

To succeed in ridding Afghanistan of these multi-faceted terror groups, the US must make sure that the existing NUG government is part of the solution and not part of the problem.  Presently the Ghani government is part of the problem.

One of the reasons the Taliban and the ISIS groups are gaining grounds in Afghanistan, is because of a lack of unity within the NUG. Ghani is a one man operation and he has created a great deal of discontent and division among the various tribes. Thus he has lost the respect and trust of all the major tribes of Afghanistan. This has made it easy for the Taliban to capture district by district. So much so that they are now in control of almost 60% of the country.

In addition, cutting the funds that the Taliban receive is not going to be easy, because the Taliban receive the following funds from various sources.

6000 fighters paid by Iran $10/per Talib                                1,800,000 per month
Afghan Marble smuggled tax to Iran .                                     2,768,350 per month
Kajajkai Dam electric tax.                                                          5,604,166 per year
Drug Transportstion tax.                                                            2,847,060 per season
800 drug scales 7kg per per scale                                                 341,649 per season
Drug storage tax.                                                                              949,027 per month
These figures were put together by tribal members with close contact wit the Taliban. These do not include funds from Pakistan, Qatar, UAE Saudi Arabia and extortion from phone companies and construction companies.
This also does not include the $95 per hectare collected for drug cultivation nor the 45kg of corn and wheat per hectare collected from farmers. Total runs into hundreds of millions of dollars conservatively.
So, with income like this, they can buy any government official or military commanders.  Military officers are said to be selling their posts to each other for $50,000. Soldiers are said to sell their equipment to Taliban.
Thus in order to succeed to take the fight to the terrorists, the US is going to need the support of the various tribes in the South, whose lives have been disrupted and their economies hijacked by the Taliban. Not only do the tribes not receive any compensation from any source, or help from the government, they are forced by the Talban to feed their fighters free of charge.
The Tribes are ready to defend their districts, if only they receive support from the United States Government and the NUG. Such support has not been forthcoming by the Ghani regime.  This has created deep distrust for the NUG.
Therefore in order for the U.S.A to succeed with its newly announced policy for Afghanistan, it is left with two options. Either compel the NUG to be a cooperative government and step up to work honestly with the tribes and the US forces, in a united way, or to step aside, so another, more trustworthy and effective Interim government can step in to help win the war.
Once the U.S. receives the cooperation of the tribes, then the tribal fighters will not only step up to find and kill the terrorists but may also succeed to bring them to the peace negotiating table.  In addition they could play a major role in cutting off the local funding of the Taliban. The US can then step in and cut off the outside funding.
In the meantime, the US must put severe pressure on Pakistan to stop all support for the Terror groups on their side and to help the US to shut out the Haqqani Network, and the Quetta and Peshawar Shura Head Quarters.
Pakistan will use China as an ace in their pocket, so the US must stand firm and threaten economic sanctions against Pakistan.
We support President Trump’s agenda for ending the longest war of US history. At the same we are hoping that he will support our people to regain their freedom from the longest war in their history.
Thank you President Trump
Thank you General Mattis
Thank you People of the United States of America